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If you need diesel engines or parts and equipment then Marathon Spare Parts Co in Tamworth is here for you. Our range of products is very extensive and we have all the parts you'll need for your diesel engine or machinery. The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, born one hundred and twenty years ago, would be very pleased to see what we have on offer, if he were to visit us today. So come and see us for all your diesel engine needs. You won't find Rudolf here. But what you will find is a professional team with lots of industry experience. Whether you prefer new or reconditioned engines, parts or equipment, we have the range to ensure that you find what you need. 


Mechanic works with diesel engines in Tamworth

Marathon Spare Parts Co in Tamworth provides diesel engines that meet the most exacting demands of reliability, performance and value. Whether you want to power machinery or vehicles, our engines do the job and do it well. Importantly, our qualified staff can assist you in every way, making sure you get exactly what you need for very reasonable prices. Whatever the purpose, our diesel engines are going to impress you. Call us today and see for yourself.

Equipment and parts

Mechanic works with recycled spares

Marathon Spare Parts Co specialises in quality diesel engine equipment and parts, too. We have everything from cylinder sleeving, injectors, bearings and much more for all your diesel motor needs. 

We offer great products at vastly reduced prices. To find out if we have the engine equipment you're looking for, please call our friendly team in Tamworth.

Customer service

Mechanic values a wreck

Over the years we've been heavily committed to providing quality customer service and diesel engines in Tamworth. We carry the best brands in equipment and parts and settle for nothing less than high performance and the latest in technological innovation. With affordability and sustainability as our working philosophy, you won't get a better deal anywhere else. So call us today and let us assist you in every way.